Why Globetech? | Our Value Proposition

Why Globetech?

Our Value Proposition

Globetech does not only manufacture connectors. We also listen to our customer’s problems and think thoroughly about how to solve them.

Customization & Technology

Globetech’s foremost strength is customizing connectors to fit our customer’s applications. If you are currently experiencing any of the following problems, you should consider Globetech’s custom connectors.

Example Solutions

Our customers could not find standard commercially available connectors to meet their needs for the following scenarios.

  • High currents
  • Frequent insertion and removal required
  • Narrow spaces
  • Unique connection shapes
  • Severe environments (vacuum, high-temperatures, or corrosive gases)

Even if they were technically able to install a standard connector, it would soon need to be replaced. In some cases, it led to issues such as overheating or non-conductivity. The cost of connectors and the time it takes to replace them, and the stoppage of equipment due to maintenance lead to reduced production efficiency and accidents.

We were able to solve all of these issues by custom-making connectors to meet their exact requirements.

Choosing the Right Connector

Semiconductor/FPD Manufacturing Equipment
Substation Equipment
Automotive PCU/ECU Inspections

Our Recommendations

High-Current Connectors

We have experience with connectors with a capacity exceeding 2,000 A.

Durable Connectors

We have a proven track record of connectors that have been used for tens of thousands of times.

Special Shape Connectors

We can design and produce a shape that meets your needs.

Vacuum Connectors

We can offer you a variety of materials to suit your application.

Heat Resistant Connectors

We can produce connectors with an endurance of up to 680°C (1,256°F).

Corrosion-Proof Connectors

Various materials and surface treatments are used to achieve corrosion resistance.

Custom-made connectors can reduce running costs and automate production equipment. We can help you develop new equipment and machinery with innovative connector mechanisms.

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Flexible Production System

Globetech has the flexibility to tailor the volume of custom connectors manufactured to meet our customers’ needs.

For research and development, we can make a small number of prototypes up to volume production. In the case of mass production, we first develop prototypes and test their performance.

While other companies may only accept production in the tens of thousands of lots, Globetech can introduce as many custom connectors as needed for small to medium-sized production and inspection lines.

Product Lineup


Globetech can produce custom connectors according to your situation on-site and required specifications. To understand the challenges your operation faces, we offer free consultations. After gaining a full understanding of your requirements, our experienced experts will propose the most suitable connector.

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