How to Order Custom-Made Connectors from Globetech

How to Order Custom-Made Connectors from Globetech

From First Inquiry to Final Delivery

Need custom-made connectors? Send us your requirements, and we will send you a design draft and quotation.


Depending on the product specifications, it takes 0.5 to 1 month to investigate the design and quotation, and 1 to 2 months to manufacture after the order is placed.

The process from inquiry to delivery is as follows.

1. Inquiry

Please use our contact form to inquire about the connectors you are interested in, your challenges, required specifications, and applications that you can identify.

Our sales staff, who have many years of experience in the connector industry, will make sure that you know exactly what you need for your connector, either by email or in an online meeting.

Different applications require different considerations, so we may also ask for details about the connector's environment and how it will be used.

Please let us know your company's delivery requirements, price, and payment requirements as well.

2. Draft Estimate

The cost and delivery time for custom connectors vary greatly depending on the specifications, shape, and quantity.

Therefore, we will give you an approximate cost estimate (in USD) before we start designing. In some cases, we can show you drawings and photos of products similar to the connectors you require.

3. Final Estimate

You will be asked to confirm that the cost estimate and product specifications are consistent with your company's requirements.

If you are willing to give it much thought, our engineering department will create a design and reference drawings to help you clarify the product specifications.

After the reference drawings are made, we will send you a concrete estimate (price and delivery date).

4. Confirmation

Please refer to the reference drawings, price, and delivery date to determine if you can order. If you can place an order, we will prepare and submit a final drawing and a formal quotation to be delivered.

5. Order Placement

Please send us your order form, and we will formally place an order for you. Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or changes in specifications at the customer's convenience once the order has been placed.

6. Manufacturing

We start by arranging for each part and material to be used for the custom connector. We source components and materials that meet your specifications from trusted partners and assemble them into a single custom connector in our Globetech factory.

With a technical department with over 20 years of custom connector expertise and a sales staff that understands your application, we will work diligently to manufacture your connectors as one team.

7. Delivery

After manufacturing is complete, we inspect the product, carefully pack it to prevent damage during transportation, and deliver it to your specified location via the likes of FedEx, TNT, or UPS. Incoterms are Ex Works (EXW).