High-Current Connectors | Standardized & Custom Options

High-Current Connectors

Standardized & Custom Options

Globetech’s strength is providing connectors for high-current power supplies. We offer standardized and custom options.

Standardized High Current Connectors

Globetech's standardized connectors are reasonably priced and can be shipped quickly. Our popular Thread Contact Series is highly reliable and versatile.


Custom Made High-Current Connectors

Globetech can custom-design and manufacture the optimal connector for your required specifications, including shape, material, application, and environment.


Incorporating Electrical Contacts in High-Current Connectors

Globetech's high current connectors use electrical contacts to reduce the resistance between conductors and ensure contact force to establish stable energization.

Electrical contacts provide superior contact stability by attaching a spring component between the socket and the pin contact. They are an essential part that determines the performance of the connector.

We can propose highly functional connectors according to your application, including:

  • Low contact resistance connectors.
  • Long-life connectors.
  • Connectors with large clearance between plug and socket diameter.
  • Connectors with light insertion/removal force.
  • Heat resistant connectors that can be used in high-temperature environments.


  • Manufacturing high-current connectors that are not available in the market.
  • Compact connectors that can withstand large currents.
  • Flexible support for various shapes and specifications, whether single-pole or multi-pole.
  • Can be manufactured in small batches.



Circuit breakers, VCB, switches, disconnectors, transformers, rectifiers, transformers, GIS, uninterruptible construction equipment, underground power distribution equipment, solar power generation, wind power generation, large-capacity power storage device, mobile power supply vehicle, UPS.


Laser processing machines, electrical discharge machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, welding machines, induction hardening equipment, magnetizing machines, tool changers, plating equipment, heaters.


CT scanners, MRI, PET, heavy particle radiotherapy devices.

Experimental Equipment & Labs

Contact force, accelerators, superconductivity, cyclotrons, synchrotrons, electric furnaces, electron microscopes.

Inspection & Measurement

Burn-in devices, aging devices, capacitor inspection devices, smart meter inspection devices, IGBT inspection devices, non-destructive inspection devices.

Industrial Plants

Steelmaking equipment, lifting magnet cranes, electromagnetic stirring devices, LPG plants.


Underfloor equipment connectors, linear motor cars, electric vehicle connectors, fuel cell vehicles, AGV, EV buses.