Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sales & Prototypes Requests

For custom-made products, it takes up to 1 month to design and estimate. It then takes up to 2 months for delivery after the order is placed.

The price and MOQ of custom connectors vary depending on the specifications. Please let us know your preferred connector and operating environment. Our sales staff will provide you with the price and MOQ after hearing the detailed information from you.

We operate as both and are headquartered in Japan. As a manufacturer, we have our own development, design, and manufacturing departments. As a trading company, we handle both foreign and Japanese products.

We welcome inquiries from prospective agents interested in selling our products. Please review our requirements and contact us to initiate discussions.

We welcome inquiries from makers of products that are a good fit for our business in Japan. Please kindly review our requirements and contact us to initiate discussions.

We don't sell contact bands in small quantities or on a spot basis. However, if you want to order a large number of contact bands, please contact us with your specifications and lot size. If the order size is feasible, we may be able to accommodate your needs.

Globetech specializes in making custom connectors explicitly designed to meet the requirements of our customers.

We ship via FedEx, TNT, UPS, and other couriers.

Technical Questions

Under high temperatures, the heat deteriorates electrical contacts' springiness, eventually causing continuity failure and burnout. Globetech can custom make high-temperature-resistant connectors to meet your specific requirements.

Globetech can manufacture connectors using only materials with low outgassing characteristics. We have experience with container side plugs for hermetic connectors and relay connectors in vacuum chambers.

Globetech's connectors can be designed for a variety of socket diameters and plug diameters. If you provide us with a socket drawing, we can create a connector to fit your needs.

Globetech has a variety of electrical contacts that can absorb misalignment. If the electrical contacts cannot absorb the misalignment, a guide pin can be used to correct the misalignment before connecting the connector.

The more poles there are, the less current flowing through each pole. It is necessary to design for the reduced current flow or to keep the poles apart.

Normally, the current setting for Globetech is for a temperature increase of 35°C. If the current is higher than the rated current, the heat generation will increase, but it does not mean that the product will become unusable immediately. Exceeding the heat resistance temperature of the electrical contacts will cause deterioration of the springiness and result in burnout.

Due to Paschen's law, electrical discharge is likely to occur in low vacuum conditions. Connectors cannot prevent this phenomenon. It is dangerous to energize in a low vacuum.

Most machinable materials can be used. The following materials are commonly used for their insulating properties, price, and workability: POM, PTFE, PEEK, PPS, polyimide resin, alumina, and zirconia.