Custom Connectors for Electrical Power & Substation Equipment

Custom Connectors for Electrical Power & Substation Equipment

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In substations where voltage and frequency are converted to meet the purpose of use, large currents of several thousand amperes must be fed through the substation. It is also necessary to quickly interrupt the overcurrent generated by phenomena such as lightning strikes to protect the load side's equipment.

Globetech's proprietary contact bands are used in Gas Circuit Breaker (GCB), Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), disconnectors, transformers, and cable heads that connect power equipment.

We typically do not offer contact bands as stand-alone products but instead as part of a connector with an integrated contact band. However, exceptions can be made if you are dealing with heavy electrical power equipment for which contact bands are used in large quantities.


  • Stable current flow for short time current
  • Low contact resistance reduces heat generation even at high currents.
  • Adopted by major Japanese heavy equipment manufacturers
  • It can be used in the area where the plug or busbar slides.
  • Contact bands can be sold separately to large-volume power equipment.


  • Gas Circuit Breaker (GCB) and Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
  • Cable head
  • Connectors for uninterruptible construction method

Contact Bands

Stable and high current can be applied to the short-time current. It can be used at the fixed part and at the part where the plug slides. Many Japanese circuit breaker manufacturers are using this product.

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Cable Head

This connector is used at the end of the cable that connects to the power equipment. The contact band is attached to the plug side, not the socket side. The cable is inserted into the connector, compressed, and connected. It can be designed to match your required current capacity and cable conductor sizes.

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